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Health Insurance Plans & Coverage

Individual Health Insurance

Supplemental Health Insurance

healthinsurance-150x150Supplemental health insurance policies are those that are purchased in addition to any health insurance coverage you already have. These supplemental policies help you to pay for service and other expenses that are not covered by your primary insurance coverage.  Other supplemental health insurance policies offer additional incentives such as cash to you in payments or in a lump sum to cover expenses such as any wages lost due to missed work, transportation and daycare costs, food costs, and costs of medications.  Learn more about supplemental health insurance coverage

Short Term Health Insurance

short-term-health-150x150Term health insurance is not designed to provide comprehensive healthcare insurance the way traditional health insurance does. It usually does not cover visits to a dentist or eye doctor, nor does it cover physical exams, immunizations against certain diseases, or any sort of preventative medical care. Its short-term goal is to protect an individual against incurring heavy and unexpected financial debts should an unexpected illness develop or an accident occur requiring medical care.   Read more about short term health insurance.

Family Health Insurance

slide1-150x150You should consider any health checkups that you need or perceived medical care in the future when looking at plans. You should have a list of things that you want covered and anything that your family might suggest as well. In addition, you’ll have to take an inventory of your monthly income and decide what health plan will best satisfy your budget. If you are living paycheck to paycheck, it will be difficult to add in the cost of a healthcare plan. Read more about family health care plans

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  • I found Sky Health while searching for health insurance plans for our family. I was able to compare a bunch of plans from the major insurance companies. In the end, I saved a little over $300 from my previous coverage

    Mary Cipriotti, - Jacksonville, OR

  • There are so many different kinds of insurance plans out there and it can be hard to pick one that works for an entire family. I found some great information on this site that helped me get a plan with a great premium and coverage.

    Rico & Amber Jameson, - Orange, CA

Top Health Insurance Companies

The Importance of Health Insurance

Health insurance is an important type of insurance needed by everyone, especially those who have families and children to care for. Health insurance is important for continuing health and wellness. Accidents and unexpected illnesses occur, which can lead to long-term health care needs. Also, special services are necessary for optimal health, including medications. Health insurance can cover part or all of these expenses and more.

Health Insurance Promotes Healthy People and Better Quality of Life

Those with health insurance coverage are more likely to see a physician for symptoms that might signify a potentially serious disease or condition. This allows treatment to begin early and give individuals a decreased risk of developing serious complications. Those without health insurance coverage are less likely to see a doctor for symptoms, or they may put off the appointment, increasing the risk for complications if treatment is necessary.

By getting appropriate care in a timely manner, it is more likely that individuals will experience better health outcomes than for those who delay treatment or those who fail to see a health care professional. Preventative health measures may also be covered by health insurance. Physical examinations and regular health screenings can help diagnose conditions more quickly, leading to more effective treatment options and outcomes. There is a much greater success rate for treatment of many diseases when they are caught early.

Children require regular physical check ups for proper health and development. Vaccinations are required for school attendance. Additional physicals are sometimes necessary, especially if children participate in school sports activities. Timely diagnosis and treatment of illness and accidents is especially important for children while their bodies are more fragile and still in the process of varying stages of development.

Those who don't have the money to pay in advance may avoid examinations for themselves or their family members which can lead to serious complications. Those without insurance often use the emergency room for treatment since there is no need to advance pay for services. This clogs up emergency rooms and makes it difficult for doctors to treat the real emergency situations. Also, emergency services do not provide follow-up care or continuing care when necessary. However there are options for those who have low incomes and need health insurance including goverment based insurance assistance and other plans.


Health Insurance Can Help Save Money

Health insurance may seem expensive, but depending on the plan and its benefits, the benefits may well outweigh any costs involved in premiums, co-pays, and spend downs. For an accident or injury, emergency services may be required. Hospital bills must be paid, as well as separate bills for the physician, x-rays, lab, and even other technicians depending on the set-up of the hospital personnel. One visit to the hospital for an emergency may result in thousands of dollars in expenses.

Severe illness or a newly diagnosed disease or chronic medical condition can lead to thousands of dollars in expenses as well. There are regular doctor visits to worry about and sometimes specialists need to be consulted. Imaging scans, blood work, and other options are often necessary to diagnose conditions, as well as treatments that may include the use of expensive medications and even surgical methods.

Accidents, injury, illness, and disease can occur suddenly and without any warning. Some insurance companies will not treat conditions associated with pre-existing conditions or may raise the rates for those who have them, so waiting until something does happen will cost much more money in the long run. Insurance will pay part or all of examinations, diagnosing options, treatments, and follow-up appointments that can lead up to massive expenses for those without health insurance benefits. This is for one person. For those with larger families, these costs can increase exponentially. It's extremely important for families to have health insurance, as children tend to require urgent medical care more frequently than adults.

Those without health insurance can face horrible financial burdens when medical needs to arise. The build up of unpaid medical bills may result in bad credit and collection agency efforts. This financial strain and burden may be prevented and somewhat alleviated through the purchase of health insurance coverage.

Consider the Health and Expense Options of These Services

Health insurance offers many coverage options. Routine physical examinations, well-child exams, vaccinations, and preventative screenings may all be available. These can help with a person's health by catching conditions early for the best chance of treatment.

Diagnosing options can be covered as well. Whether extensive lab work, imaging tests, or other methods are needed, health insurance can cover part or all of these costs. Treatment is covered as well, even if surgical procedures or ongoing care are required. Most health insurance plans have some form of prescription drug coverage, where the insurance pays for most of the drug while individuals only pay part of the cost. This can be extremely helpful for those who develop long term diseases or chronic medical conditions.

Mental health issues may also be covered. Whether there is a true mental health problem or someone in the family is experiencing high stress and just needs someone to talk to, these services may be covered. Drug and alcohol rehabilitation services are also covered fully or in part by many health insurance plans. This includes detoxification, inpatient or outpatient treatment, and some type of counseling, such as group counseling services.

Dental and optical coverage may be offered or available a an addition to coverage. Cavity fillings and tooth extractions are typically covered, but other services may include preventative examinations, x-rays, cleanings, and even dentures, partials, and braces. Some other procedures might be covered as well depending on the health insurance coverage. Eye examinations and corrective lenses are usually covered as well. Some health insurance will even cover certain corrective eye surgeries.

Home health care might be covered by health insurance coverage. For those who only need temporary services while recovering from an injury or brief illness, a nurse or assistant may be able to come to the home to help with medication, meals, and light housekeeping for a period of time. Many insurance companies also offer long term home health care options to allow people the choice to remain at home rather than entering a nursing home facility.

Although the additional options for health insurance may be costly, they are typically cost effective and helpful in the long run. However, it is best to have a minimum of coverage for regular examinations, treatments, and prescription drug coverage. At the very minimum, it is important to at least have some form of emergency medical service coverage to prevent the accumulation of bills in the case of an emergency.

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