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  1. Is Identity Theft Insurance Worth The Premium Cost?

    Tue 22 August 2017
    Identity Fraud - While the media highlights several cases of identity theft, the odds of a person being a victim are less than being audited by the Internal Revenue Service. Cleaning up your credit report following a theft incident will usually cost less than the cost of an audit and associated charges. Identity theft insurance is one of the fastest growing policies in the business today, and when doing the math, some wonder if the low cost of identity theft insurance policies is worth the annual premiums.
    Typically, in cases of identity theft banks, stockbrokers and credit card companies usually cover any charges made in the names of identity theft victims so the losses incurred financially are usually low. The cost comes in the time it takes to contact and correspond with agencies that must be notified in the even of identity theft. Insurance promises to pay for some of the related charges, but the personal aggravation and worry is not calculated into a loss.
    It has been estimated that the average victim will take about three weeks cleaning up their credit and about $1,000 to clear their name from banks and other creditors. Some Identity theft insurance policies will pay for lost time from work spent working on clearing the credit file and pay some of the incidental charges such as postage, certified mail and copying documents or the cost of obtaining duplicate copies. Many policies will reimburse lost wages up to $250 a day, but until the problem is cleared up, there will be no payments.

    Credit Reports Remain In Shambles

    Sellers of Identity theft insurance also promise to pay to help clear judgments issued or criminal records created by someone using another’s identity, but according to reports only about 15 percent of identity theft victims incur this type of cast, which can range from five to $15,000.  Considering the odds of being a victim of identity theft is less than one-half of one percent, the cost of the protection could outweigh the benefits.
    People who like having that extra layer of protection and choose to pay for Identity theft insurance should understand that it does not cover the anxiety or stress involved in getting your finances back in order. Nor does it automatically take all the negative comments off of the credit reports. Those will have to be done by the victim and will be added to the stress of realizing that someone is claiming to be someone they are not.

    Reviewing Identity Theft Insurance - 

    If you have ever known someone who has been an identity theft victim, then you know how terrible recovering can be. It is a personal violation and it can ruin your credit and even land people in court for problems that were not their fault. You can be proactive about preventing identity theft ...What Is Included In Typical Identity Theft Coverage? - Identity Fraud - Identity theft insurance coverage is big business for companies looking to profit from the fear of consumers regarding identity theft. This has provided consumers with many different ways to pay for identity theft losses. Generally all consumer identity theft coverage policies fall into one of two categories, prevention services and insurance coverage. Identity ...Should You Pay For Identity Theft Protection? - Identity Theft Protection - With the number of identity theft victims in the millions every year, it is obvious that some steps need to be taken to ensure protection against identity theft. The real question is can you provide adequate protection against identity theft, or should you pay a service to do it for you?
  2. Review of The Dyson DC15 Total Clean Ball Vacuum

    Tue 28 March 2017

    DC15 Total Clean

    The Ball™ Twists and turns like no other vacuum cleaner. Ordinary uprights can be heavy, unwieldy and difficult to steer. The Dyson DC15 Total Clean upright vacuum steers smoothly with a turn of the wrist. The Total Clean Ball works differently from traditional uprights, by replacing conventional wheels with a ball. Because the ball can tilt and pivot, a simple turn of the wrist allows you to maneuver around furniture and obstacles to get those hard to reach areas with less effort. The Ball™ feature Dyson’s powerful advanced Root8Cyclone™ technology, which means it never loses suction. Its Telescope Reach™ allows you to effortlessly clean stairs, curtains, ceilings, and hard to reach areas, while its wide channels provide easy pick up for large debris. This Dyson DC15 Total Clean vacuum cleaner is approved for allergy sufferers, and contains a Lifetime HEPA filter or cleaner expelled air. 
    There are no additional costs to own a Dyson DC15 Total Clean vacuum; there are no bags or filters to buy...Ever!

    • The Ball™ Zigzags around furniture to clean with less effort.
    • Mini Turbine Head: removes pet hair from upholstery, stairs and the car.
    • Mattress Tool: Removes dirt and dust mites from mattresses and upholstery. Wide head and lightweight design for easy cleaning.
    • Stiff Bristle Brush: Stiff bristles remove ground-in and stubborn dirt.
    • Telescope Reach™ No awkward parts to assemble for high-reach cleaning.
    • Root Cyclone™ technology Advanced Dyson cyclone technology. The Animal cleaner head Glides into awkward spaces that are usually missed.
    • Large debris pickup: Wide channel picks up large debris that others can leave behind.
    • Great On Hard Surfaces - Multiple setting make this an excellent hardwood floor vacuum
    • Hygienic and quick to empty No need to touch the dirt, dust or debris - just push the button.
    • Instant stair cleaning Wand expands 17 ft. at the touch of a button.
    • Approved for allergy sufferers Approved for allergy sufferers by the British Allergy Foundation
    • Lifetime HEPA filter Lifetime HEPA filtration for cleaner expelled air.
    • five year warranty Dyson toll free help line. 7 Days a week.
    • No extra costs, no bags or filters to buy - The lifetime pre-motor filter removes particles down to 0.1 micron and is washable. The post-motor electrostatic filter traps harmful carbon emissions from the motor. This filter never needs replacing.
    • Clear Bin™ This has 4 clear advantages:
      1. You can see how well the Dyson works
      2. There are no bags to buy
      3. You can always tell when it's full
      4. It is easy to empty
    • Motorized brush bar The DC15 has a direct drive motorized brush bar. This improves pick-up on carpets by sweeping the dirt, dust and fibers trapped in the carpet pile into the constant Dyson airflow, without the need for belts.
    • High velocity airflow tools The intake nozzles of the DC15 tools direct high velocity airflow down into the carpet pile. This has two main advantages:
      1. You pick up more because the directional force of the air agitates and dislodges dust
      2. The airflow is continuous even when vacuuming curtains or upholstery preventing them from becoming stuck to the cleaner

    Technical specifications

    Dimensions: 44.09 x 13.66 x 15.55 inches
    Weight with Attachments: 19.95 lbs.
    Suction power: (airwatts) 220 air watts (constant)
    Air Flow Rate: 53 cu. ft./min
    Motor wattage: 10 Amps. The power of a vacuum cleaner is best measured in air watts (suction power). Motor wattage simply tells you how much electricity a cleaner uses.
    Bin capacity: 0.71 Gallons
    Cord length: 37 ft.
    Maximum reach: 51 ft.

  3. Computer Identity Theft - Know It All Here

    Tue 28 March 2017

    As ecommerce is growing, so is computer identity theft. Beware, the thieves are smart! Everyday someone new is being victimized by the thieves as they use the Internet to steal information and cheat their unsuspecting victims. It all starts with a simple email wherein the recipient is informed of a problem with the credit card or an audit. The recipient views the sender of the email to be a respectable, such as their credit card company, Ebay, IRS and other similar businesses. The recipient feels that it is a valid email since there might be a reason to deal with the business or agency. The recipient is asked to respond to the email by providing data such as their Social Security number and other such data to solve the issue.

    But when the email is answered the process of computer identity theft is initiated. The scammer immediately begins to use their identity online to make purchases, clear bank accounts, and even take out loans. The sad truth about identity theft is that the person whose identity is used to make the fraudulent purchases is often responsible for them. This can lead to financial disaster, particularly for people who are in a dangerous place financially.

    Why Is This So Effective?

    The dispatched emails look very official and this is one primary reason why computer identity theft can be carried out so easily. Sometimes they even redirect the consumer to a site that looks exactly like they would expect the site to look. They also make the consumer feel as though if they do not do something about the information in the e-mail, their account will be in serious jeopardy, or an expensive charge will be made to their account that they did not intend. The sense of urgency created by computer identity theft is one reason why it is so successful.

    What Can You Do To Protect Yourself

    Computer identity theft protection is relatively easy when you have an anti-spy ware program installed in your computer. Run it before doing any financial work online. This program will scan your computer for programs that record your personal information and send it to a third party. Remove these programs before you do anything online that could give your personal information away.

    The email might look official but still refrain from clicking on an email from a company or agency. Instead, type in the address of the e-mail and put in your password. This ensures that you will not be taken for a ride, because you know the website address of the company.

    There are just two tips for you to heed. Before you buy online, check whether the website is secured or not, normally you will see a yellow padlock in the bottom right hand corner of your screen, and no matter what, do not give your social security address, or account password or details online. Follow this advice and you can stop computer identity theft from affecting you and from getting worse.