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Posted Tue 28 March 2017

Review of The Dyson DC15 Total Clean Ball Vacuum

DC15 Total Clean

The Ball™ Twists and turns like no other vacuum cleaner. Ordinary uprights can be heavy, unwieldy and difficult to steer. The Dyson DC15 Total Clean upright vacuum steers smoothly with a turn of the wrist. The Total Clean Ball works differently from traditional uprights, by replacing conventional wheels with a ball. Because the ball can tilt and pivot, a simple turn of the wrist allows you to maneuver around furniture and obstacles to get those hard to reach areas with less effort. The Ball™ feature Dyson’s powerful advanced Root8Cyclone™ technology, which means it never loses suction. Its Telescope Reach™ allows you to effortlessly clean stairs, curtains, ceilings, and hard to reach areas, while its wide channels provide easy pick up for large debris. This Dyson DC15 Total Clean vacuum cleaner is approved for allergy sufferers, and contains a Lifetime HEPA filter or cleaner expelled air. 
There are no additional costs to own a Dyson DC15 Total Clean vacuum; there are no bags or filters to buy...Ever!

Technical specifications

Dimensions: 44.09 x 13.66 x 15.55 inches
Weight with Attachments: 19.95 lbs.
Suction power: (airwatts) 220 air watts (constant)
Air Flow Rate: 53 cu. ft./min
Motor wattage: 10 Amps. The power of a vacuum cleaner is best measured in air watts (suction power). Motor wattage simply tells you how much electricity a cleaner uses.
Bin capacity: 0.71 Gallons
Cord length: 37 ft.
Maximum reach: 51 ft.

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